Monday, May 18, 2009

"Jill MunRoeHole Sickness"

Poor, Poor Farrah Fawcett-
What crueler a fate than cancer of the shit hole? Reavis and I decided that If our beloved Ms. Fawcett (to you!)
was going to perish at the hands as something as vicious as ass cancer, we ought to give her the respect she deserves by
naming said cancer after her.
Notify the medical books, what was once cancer of the ass is now to be referred to as
"Jill MunRoeHole Sickness" from here on out... until forever.
Seeing as how I'll probably succumb to "JIll MunRoeHole Sickness" myself, I wanted it to at least have a much more delicious name.

Ladies&Gents... KEEP YOUR MUNROEHOLES HEALTHY! Get your annual assogram... or whatever they do to
make sure your cornhole is clean.

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