Monday, May 25, 2009


After an evening on the Jersey Shore... I thought I'd seen enough meat to last me at least until tuesday.
There was muscle meat in muscle shirts... fatty meat in booty shorts... plus sized meat in bikini bottoms...
lots of meat, much of which had Guns that wanted Kissin'.
Meat, meat everywhere and not a drop to eat.
Of course, there was more meat to be had, but THIS MEAT is AWESOME MEAT.
You can eat your meat, you can beat your meat... OR you can wear it.
is a fashion forward take on carnivore life...
Some Haute Cow-ture

"THE BASE-BULL CAP - This classic is made from the best of the male bovine to bring out the best in the sports fan, male or female. It features a visor of fine flank steak and a helmet of lean, grade-A 100% ground beef. "

THE BRISKET YARMULKE - Made of 100% kosher brisket, this one-size-fits-all “beefy beanie” comes emblazoned with a horseradish Star of David.

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