Saturday, May 30, 2009

KHARMA: Cheating whorebag and boss/banger get PWND! SHE ATE HIS PENIS!

A Singapore man and his secretary were exchanging mouth love in a car when a car smashed them from behind and
BOOM! You guessed it. Detachable penis.

According to reports in the China Press and Sin Chew Daily-
The 30 year old whore was blowing her Big Boss Daddy in a car in a Singapore park when
their car was struck by a reversing van.
The impact caused her to chomp down hard on Boss Daddy's wiener...

As if that wasn't the worst that could happen, the entire incident was witnessed by a private detective who had been hired by the woman's husband to spy on her.

The detective says that shortly after 'parking', the car was hit by the van. He heard the woman shriek and then saw her emerge with her face covered in blood.

The investigator did the right thing and called 911... or whatever the Singapore equivalent is.

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