Monday, June 8, 2009

China: Enforcing Cremation law, Encouraging murder.

According to Chinese tradition-
The dead live on... and they like to live well.
If they don't like their forever homes, they will cause their surviving relatives to suffer.
It is because of this that Chinese people aim to please their dead friends and relatives...
they follow the rules in the Feng Shui doctrine regarding how to bury their loved ones.

However, Chinese law is making it harder for people to satisfy the dead.
Cremation has become mandatory in some places, as large ornate cemeteries are simply taking up too much valuable space... space that has been deemed to be more necessary to the living.

No worries, though. As usual-
criminals have found a solution.
They have been murdering old people and selling their fresh corpses to families who have recently lost loved ones.
The families then send these purchased decoy bodies to the crematorium for mandatory bbq'ing...
and are thus left to secretly bury their REAL loved ones in as lavish a manner as they so choose.

The cost for a corpstitute?

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