Monday, June 22, 2009

The secret to eternal youth? Sounds like Bull crap to me... or rather, Bird Crap.

Nightingale poop.
That's right, bird doody... ON YOUR FACE. IN YOUR HAIR. ON PURPOSE.
"Uguisu No Fun" :
"Apart from being known for its beautiful song, its natural droppings are also used in Japan as a traditional application for silky white skin.
The powdered nightingale guano is a fine almost odourless powder that is mixed to form a paste and applied as a face pack. It is mildly lightening on the skin while smoothing the complexion and leaves the skin feeling soft and nourished.
The uguisu no fun is safely sold and hygienically collected for cosmetic skin purposes. The fun contains certain ammonic properties that appear to gently bleach the skin while smoothing and toning the complexion. For use as a natural face pack treatment for blemishes or smoothing the complexion. Non-fragranced 100%natural product"

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