Sunday, June 21, 2009

FASHIONISTAS: never let 'em see you sweat, but start letting 'em see you cry.

Holy ridiculous.
You can now have tears dangling from your eyeballs all day long!
"The bizarre range features a number of adornments which hang on wire from contact lenses.

Users attach a range of accessories, such as crystals and flowers, to the new prescription or dummy lenses and wear them throughout the day.

The jewellery, which measures up to 14mmx33mm, is attached to the contact using medical wire and hangs below the eye.

The crystal accessories glimmer in sunlight and look as if the wearer is crying.

Dutch designer Eric Klarenbeek, 29, said: 'People who have worn my eye jewellery are amazed at its comfort.

'You can't feel the wire dangling, it doesn't affect your sight and the lens moves along gently with your eyeball, even while blinking."

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  1. I totally think it's next step glamour!