Monday, June 8, 2009

Mind Bottling. Close encounters of the Gubernatorial Kind.

I've been dying to spot a UFO since I was a wee sprout.
One time, I was certain I had... but it turned out to be a blimp with an LED message on the side.
I also once thought I heard Santa's sleigh rolling in... that one has yet to be disproved.
It's probably because I'm in the wrong place... even the aliens steer clear of the tri-state area.
In January of '08, eight people reported seeing an unidentified object in Stephenville, Texas.
Some reports even stated that there were military aircraft following the football field sized 'craft'.
Could have been a Stealth Blimp, they say.
The Phoenix Lights were a triangular formation of lights which hovered over Arizona and spooked the locals.
The Governor was amongst the witnesses of that sighting.
Surely, the Governor is a worthy source.

I believe!

I mean, THIS guy does...


  1. my dad and stepcunt were up in NH near canada where they have place about 2 yrs ago and saw the huge red lights hovering really close in the pitch black then a whirr noise and they were a mile away in a sec then a whirr and they were blue and close again etc then BLIP tiny dots then gone. they dont believe in all that but confessed. i keep hoping i'll be abducted SO bad when i go up there

  2. YOU TOO?
    Fuck. I used to PRAY for an abduction. I bet I'd have been the only Hewitt girl who'd been partying with the lil green men...
    wayyyyy better than an afternoon at Serendipity.