Thursday, September 10, 2009

Some Hewitt girls might remember the time I called in that bomb threat...

Just so we could go over to our brother school and sit in that cafeteria with The Boys...

I got off easy...
Mrs. Buck suspended me for 3 days, so it was sort of a win/win situation.

The Indian guy who called in a bomb threat to an airline so he wouldn't miss his flight was not so fortunate as I:
"An Indian man, clearly aggravated over the fact that traffic might cost him his flight on IndiGo airlines, decided that the best course of action was causing a panic and calling in a bomb threat to Delhi airport.
The nameless 35-year old businessman, who was unable to secure another flight, was identified when his cell phone number was traced back to him via the command center at the airport. Additional help came from the cab driver, who overheard the gentleman making the phone call.
Once faced with the incontrovertible evidence for his guilt, the man confessed, but not before costing the city $4,000 and delaying the flight for several hours while all the passengers and their luggage were thoroughly searched."

He's in jail now...
presumably not enjoying that cafeteria full of Boys.

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