Thursday, July 16, 2009

Midget wrestlers murdered by full sized faux hookers...

"Wrestling Shocker: "Fake" Hookers Kill Mexican Midget Wrestlers - Two midget wrestlers from Mexico, twins Alberto and Alejandro Pérez Jiménez, were found dead in a Mexico City hotel room after police say the pair were drugged and robbed by women--pretending to be prostitutes--from a gang that spikes victims' drinks with eye drops. Unfortunately, the amount of spiking was not measured properly for the 4 foot tall grapplers and it proved to be too much for their little bodies to handle. Police are still looking for the women involved and have released a pair of drawings of what they may look like. (UK Mirror) Based on the artist renderings of the two alleged "fake hookers" either our little wrestling friends had poor eyesight or they didn't have a lot of money . . .

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