Friday, August 7, 2009

In Japan, your suffering is my happy laugh... I guess it gets lost in translation...

I guess the Japanese are racialist against the Sudaneses.

I can't tell if this show is supposed to be the Japanese Maury Povich show... or if it's the evening news.
It all seems to have the same format.

The story:
"The guy from Sudan was introduced to her via a friend and they married after dating for a year and a half. He was very kind at first, but their relationship soon began to worsen (eventually resulting in a divorce).
Instead of appreciating the flavor of each dish she put great effort into preparing, he followed Sudanese custom by mixing the food together. Apparently Sudanese culture expects married men to take care of their single male friends, so almost every night he would arrive home very late and bring a group of loud friends. To make matters worse, he expected his wife to stay up and make food for them.
When she angrily demanded that he stop bringing friends over late at night, he responded by beating her. The narrator does not describe this activity as a consequence of the husband’s Sudanese upbringing [such a conclusion could have been made about a country that practices female genital mutilation and arrests women who dare to wear trousers].
The end of the clip shows the 41-year-old single mother and her children are paraded before a studio audience. The primary purpose of the show was to demonstrate how young and stylish she appears, and viewers can see that she continues to achieve physical beauty despite the difficulties she has faced in her life"

You gotta love her cowgirl suit at the end!

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